daffodils and poppy


Welcome to My Comfort Cards Site.  Most of my cards have come out of the stream of my daily life. I began making cards as a part of a  letter-writing program called Amma’s Circle of Love Letters. The people that I write to, are usually undergoing a challenge or hardship in themselves or their  family/friends. They have asked for support through letters and cards.

My camera is like another pair of eyes. It helps me to focus on the beauty of life. Sometimes a sight or image will jog my memory of scripture, remind me of the insights of others, or call me to pause for inner reflection. These sightings and insightings sometimes become greeting cards.

My blog is about the process of daily life.  It is about collecting light. It may be through photography, reading, experience, other people or creative pursuits. In this way, I gather some treasure which I can then share with others.

You can find my greeting my cards at my Etsy shop.

I collect ideas on Pinterest. You can find my latest  pins relative to card making under my Resource tab, such as mail art, envelopes, inspirational quotes and rubber stamps.