gingko leaves and wood spirit

Autumn Dance


gingko leaves and wood spirit

“all of nature says “yes””
spring-summer-early fall, the leaves open to the light
collecting light for the tree
nourishing the trunk, the branches, me
collecting light for the roots
so when autumn and winter rains and cold comes
there is stored light in the roots
for the short days and long nights

near Thanksgiving
they begin to be like little lanterns on the tree
reflecting the light they once collected.

now they make a golden carpet
as if showing us the way
on collecting light for the journey
on going with the flow of Divine wind
on knowing when to let go (dancing merrily)
on shining brightly, surrendering to earth’s cycles
on reminding us to declutter and simplify
on emptying ourselves of all that is nonessential
on making room for the One
on going inwards
on being guided by the inner light

[giving thanks to inspirational readings by Joyce Rupp, and “collecting light” exercise suggested by Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr ]