Autumn Equinox Ritual



Yesterday, there was an autumn equinox ritual celebrated at the MA Center in San Ramon, California. Lakshmi Collins led us in body prayers invoking the Spirit and qualities of the four directions. We sang, meditated, walked the labyrinth, chanted for peace as we imagined soft white flower petals falling gently upon parts of the earth that need it most. We made the intention of letting go of what does not serve us anymore.

In the center of the labyrinth was a bowl of scrolls containing quotes. When I reached the middle of the labyrinth, I chose this one:

“Never should we look back and grieve. Look forward and smile. We should perform our actions with utmost faith and alertness, but with a sense of detachment. This is what the Spiritual Masters teach us. What is the use of feeling sad if a plant that we have grown withers away. Plant another one without brooding over the lost ones. By brooding over the past, man becomes feeble minded. This will cause dissipation of all his energies.”


Circle of Life book

Several years ago, I came upon a wonderful book  called “The Heart’s Journey Through the Seasons: The Circle of Live” by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr. The authors suggest rituals and prayers that can be done throughout the year to honor the seasons. I got together with some friends a couple of times to celebrate Autumn equinox using some ideas in that book

This is an autumn pronouncement from the book:

“I am the sun setting in the west,
I am the tree letting go of the leaves.
I am the harvest taken from the land.
I am the bird winging swiftly southward.
Spirit Keeper of the West,
I will enter in the heart of autumn.
I will bravely enter my transitions.
I will adapt to what needs changing.
I will freely let go and not hang on.
Come, Spirit of Autumn, and teach me!”

-Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr, “The Circle of Life”, Sorin Books