Dew Drops on Moss

Be Lovers of Your Souls


This evening, I attended the 6th day of a 9-day prayer devotion to St. Clare of Assisi at a Poor Clare monastery. Right after the adoration of Christ in the form of consecrated bread, a priest gave a talk about St. Clare’s final words. I believe that her purity and constant love for God and others gave her words a lot of power. It must have been something she prayed each day in some form or other. Her presence was so palpable and living in the priest’s speaking of her words:

“Go securely and in peace, my blessed soul. The One who created you and made you holy has always loved you tenderly as a mother her dear child. And you, Lord, are blessed because You have created me.”

These particular worlds resonated a chord in me today, as earlier  today, I posted a collaborative collage called “Soft and Tender Name”.  The word tender reminded me of the quote on that collage, that “everything asks to be called by its soft and tender name.” In her final words, St. Clare spoke these words to her nuns, to “always be lovers of your souls.” The priest pointed out,  that, not only should we be lovers of our souls, but everyone’s souls.

This image above reminds me about nourishing ourselves and others.