cross-shaped flower



“God of peace,
you are at the center of my life,
a strong refuge of peace
in the whirlwind of my pain.
I look to you for strength
and a constant assurance of hope. ”

— Joyce Rupp in “Out of the Ordinary”, Ave Maria Press



I have made a comfort card using the image and Joyce Rupp’s quote above.


“The Lord is my Light and Salvation.”

-Psalm 27


“No mud, no lotus”

-Thich Nhat Hanh


“Tend to your vital heart and all you worry about will be solved.”



“There is a black crow in the company of white cranes. Only because black is present can we appreciate the beauty of white. Sorrows can teach us the value of joy.”



“When you go on a trip, you carry your bags to the station; once on the train, you set them down and relax. If you have faith in the Supreme, place all your baggage at God’s feet and let God take care of it.”

—Amma, “Messages from Amma in the Language of the Heart” edited by Janine Canan


kind of like a propeller
helping one to rise above
the ashes of pain
the ashes of yesterday
the ashes of failures

blossoming to fullness
speaking from its center
about a kind of map
to true happiness
that can be found
by centering oneself in God
by compassionately
embracing one’s suffering
by breathing mindfully
through life’s storms:
a kind of insight is revealed
a way out of the suffering
into the kingdom of God
(and, it also whispers,
“if it’s too overwhelming to breathe
through the suffering,
pray , O God, I cannot breathe alone
let it be you that breathes in me.”)