Christmas Star nativity

Christmas Star


“Just as a star led the Magi to the Christ Child, so we are meant to be stars leading others to the Divine Love. Others are also stars for us, leading us to Divine Love. In each of us, the manifestation of Divine Love is a magnificent gift of hope and encouragement.”

—Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr from The Circle of Life, Ave Maria Press

“Christmas, Heaven has opened its gates. The Word has become flesh and has brought the fire of love to earth. Because we do not want this day ever to end, we ask you, Lord, that we may love one another as you loved us and we ask you to stay among us, present in our midst. In that way every day could be Christmas for us.”

– Chiara Lubich


“On Christmas day, it is customary to welcome infant Jesus by setting up a manger in front of our homes. But the real birth of infant Jesus has to happen in our hearts. There is a child within all of us. Christmas is an occasion that allows us to discover and nurture that child. When we have a child’s innocence, enthusiasm and optimistic faith, we will not only become heirs to heaven, but will also be able to create heaven on earth.”