Feather floating in pond, cosmic love note

Cosmic Love Notes


“I suspect we are all recipients of cosmic love notes.  Messages, omens, voices, cries, revelations, and appeals are homogenized into each day’s events.  If only we knew how to listen, to read the signs.”

—Sam Kenn, “The Passionate Life”, quoted in “100 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive”, edited by “Frederic & Mary Ann Brussat”

I believe the Divine is constantly reaching out to us. Sometimes I have received confirmations in the form of feathers. It has become a kind of love letter.

After my brother, Rene, died, my mother said that she feels my brother’s presence whenever a yellow butterfly visits with her. Other family members have also experienced this.

Sometimes, the communication and assurance, is through an unfolding of events, too synchronized to be random.

Our very breath is a sign that God’s spirit is with us. It is not ours.

May we all be skilled at receiving and reading the Divine signs.