double rainbow

Double Rainbow

“Amma remembers a story. Once the colors of the world gathered together. Each one claimed, “I am the most important and beloved color.” The conversation culminated in a quarrel.

Green proudly declared, “Indeed, I am the most important color. I am the sign of life. Trees, vines—all of nature is my color. Need I say more?”

Blue interrupted, “Hey, stop your blabbering! You are only talking about the Earth. Don’t you see the sky and the ocean? They are all blue in color. And water is the substratum of life. Hail to me, the color of infinity and love.”

Hearing this, “Red shouted, “Enough is enough! Everybody shut up! I am the ruler of you all—I am blood. I am the color of valor and courage. Without me, there is no life.”

Amidst the shouting, “White softly said, “You have all stated your cases. Now, I have just one thing to say: don’t forget the truth—that I am the substratum of all colors.”

Nevertheless, many more colors came forward, all extolling their greatness and supremacy over the others. Gradually, what began as a mere exchange of words developed into a verbal battle. The colors were even poised to destroy each other.

Suddenly, the sky became dark. There was thunder and lightning, followed by a heavy downpour. The water level rose rapidly. Trees were uprooted, and all of nature was in turmoil.

Trembling with fear, the colors helplessly cried out, “Save us!” Just then they heard a voice from the heavens, “You colors! Where are your ego and false pride now? You who were foolishly fighting for supremacy, are now trembling with fear unable to protect even your own lives. All you claim as yours can perish in an instant. You must understand one thing—though different, each of you is beyond compare. God has created each of you with a different purpose. To save yourselves, you must stand hand-in-hand in unity. If you stand together in oneness, you can soar up and stretch across the sky. You can become the rainbow with all seven colors, harmoniously standing side-by-side—the symbol of peace and beauty, the sign of hope for tomorrow. From that height, all differences disappear and you see everything as one. May your unity and harmony become an inspiration for all.”

—Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi), “Understanding and Collaboration Between Religions”, from a talk given by Amma, May 2, 2006 as part of the Interfaith Center of New York’s Fourth Annual James Parks Morton Interfaith Award Ceremony, p. 28-30,