White Feather caught in branches

Forgiving Yourself


When I saw this white feather, it seemed like another one of those Divine hooks and messages that I should pay attention to, a letter from God. Its whiteness, luminosity, and gentle fluttering made me see it as a  peace flag. Later I thought of a quote by Amma in Awaken Children! Vol IX, pp 106-107, © MA Center:

 “For a human being to be transformed and to transcend all imperfections and limitations, the past has to die. Everyone has the capacity to do this, provided they have the right determination. Forget who you were or what you may have done in the past. Focus on what you would like to be, and then, while you are doing whatever is necessary to attain the goal, let go of the future as well. Who or what you may have been until now is of little importance. The past can be compared to a graveyard, and it wouldn’t be wise to live in such a place, would it? Forget you past. Remember it only when you really need to do so, but don’t settle down in it.”