Lily Pad unfurling

Frog Scriptures


At the pond,
I went out on a quest
for frogs
I did see ~fleetingly~
hundreds of frogs hopping,
leaving water jewels on pads
like diamonds
evidence of their having been there
I asked them
if any would sit still
so I could take closer looks
but NONE would after much pleading
even though I told them I don’t eat frogs

Delighted I saw one
on a lily pad sitting so still
~thrilled~ I clicked away, 3 times

when I got home to look
I saw, upon closer inspection
it was a lotus leaf unfolding
in the SHAPE of a frog
frog revelations maybe

perhaps it’s a scroll
on the nature of frogs
~requires further study~

This process reminds me of the quote:

“Suppose a thought arises in our mind to build a house. We will always be daydreaming about it. We will go on thinking about where it should be, how it should look and so on. At first we will build the house through our bhavana (mental imagination) and then later we will really build it. Similarly, constant bhavana about God will take us to God.”

—Amma, “Awaken Children”