Like a Loyal Dog Waiting for His Master

When I saw this stick next to the rippling waves, it reminded me of a dog waiting for his Master, or of someone witnessing thoughts and emotions.

just like our Faithful Friend
who watches our comings and goings
may we light up each thought with awareness
and trust that God, the Boatman,
is with us, guiding our way

“The mind and its thoughts come and go. They are unreal and impermanent. They are like the ephemeral clouds of the sky and the waves of the ocean. They cannot touch your consciousness. Beyond the surface, your consciousness remains pure and untouched. That Pure Consciousness, which is eternally aware of all that happens, is the Witness, the Sakshi, of everything.”

—Amma,”Awaken Children”, Vol. 7, p. 56, © MA Center

A responsorial from Joyce Rupp’s “May I Have This Dance?”, Ave Maria Press

“The response (R.) is: “God of goodness, help us to trust in you.”

When fear rises up in us and we do not believe in our ability to be your instrument…R.

When the busyness and schedules of our lives press upon us and create questions about your song within us…R.

When we doubt your presence in the difficult aspects of our days…R.

When we lose sight of the truth that we are called to be instruments of goodness…R.

When emptiness, loneliness, and other struggles keep us from hearing your melody of love…R.”