collage autumn transitions

On Transitions

Transitions Collage, New Beginnings

This is a collaborative Group Collage on the theme of transitions at my friend Christine’s birthday party.

“We do not change by trying to be what we are not, but by being fully what we are. This is the secret… Today flowers into tomorrow when it is fully today, not when it pretends to be already tomorrow in inpatient anticipation and undue haste. Thus change takes place precisely by not worrying about it, by not trying forcibly to bring it about, by not imposing it, by not seeking it. Let me be fully what I am today, and I shall wake up to a new world tomorrow… A caterpillar becomes a butterfly by being a good, honest, healthy, reliable caterpillar; that is, by being fully and genuinely what it is now, not by trying to be what it is not. The better the caterpillar, the better the butterfly. The stronger the present, the brighter the future. The way for me to learn to fly one day is to walk firmly with my feet on the ground today…Only be being fully what I am today can I get ready to be fully tomorrow what I can be tomorrow. My present stage fully lived is the best preparation for the next one. That is the wisdom of the caterpillar, and why it moves around contentedly at its leisurely pace. It trusts nature and it befriends time. It enjoys life crawling among leaves and branches, as one day it will enjoy life flying from flower to flower in the open sky. That is nature’s kingdom.”

—Father Carlos Valles a Spanish Jesuit born in 1925, who has worked in India for nearly 40 years, quoted in “Of Earth and Sky”, compiled by Thomas Becknell


We offer our gratitude to the unknown artists, photographers whose work we found in magazines, calendars, cards, catalogs, mail, or wrapping paper in order to make this collage.