Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Santa Fe

Our Lady of Guadalupe in Santa Fe
I discovered this church/shrine a comforting place to be, a refuge,  while I was in Santa Fe one summer. It kind of felt like being in Divine Mother’s womb, so safe and warm.The words of Our Lady of Guadalupe came to mind, as I was praying for my brother, Rene, who was at the time struggling with pancreatic cancer:

“Do listen.
Do be assured of it in your heart,
my littlest one
that nothing at all should alarm you,
should trouble you,
nor in any way disturb
your countenance, your heart. . .

For am I not here,
I, your Mother?
Are you not in the cool of my shadow?
In the breeziness of my shade?
Is it not I that am
your source of contentment?
Are you not cradled in my mantle?
cuddled in the crossing of my arms?
Is there anything else for you to need?”

Her words, this space, comforted me. The priest who was celebrating the mass, gave an inspiring talk about how the face of God looks different depending on your culture/background. In his country, they honored a different form of Mother Mary.