Quan Yin with spider web

Quan Yin

Quin Yin collage


“There is a Boddhisattva, whose name is Avalokitesvara, in Vietnamese we call her Quan The Âm, in Chinese, Quan Yin. It means: “Listening deeply to the sound of the cries of the world”. And listening deeply is the practice of mindfulness. But if you are full of pain, full of anxiety, full of projections, and especially full of prejudices, full of ideas and notions, it may be very difficult for you to practice deep listening. You are too full. And that is why to practice in order for you to have space, to have freedom within, to have some joy within is very important for deep listening. Avalokitesvara, Quan Yin, she practices deep listening to herself, and to the world, outside. She practices touching with her ears.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh

Quan Yin

Her nature is compassion, mercy
She hears the cries of the suffering
She spins a healing cloak for you to wear
woven with the golden flower of sunshine
lush emerald greens of meadows and forests
spacious blue skies
refreshing diamond dew drops
soft clouds


This is a collage of a Quan Yin statue at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California and a spider web. It is available as a greeting card.