white flower

Reflection Word: Knowledge


“O people of the Light, awaken to the knowledge that lives within you! Do you know your destiny- to be a light unto the worlds, a bearer of peace and harmony?”

—Psalm 107


“In order to be truly creative, you must have the attitude of a beginner.  To be a beginner means to maintain innocence and receptivity, for it is only in this way that we can truly and quickly develop our knowledge.  But to be childlike or innocent doesn’t mean being a weakling — far from it.  You have to be assertive and forceful if the situation so demands.  Still, you should maintain the openness and receptivity of a child as much as possible.

Our minds are not expansive.  To make the mind expand and embrace the whole universe, we have to become like children.  Our goal in doing new experiments and making new discoveries should be the understanding of dharma and spiritual principles.  Our creative efforts should be based on love and compassion toward the whole world; only then will what we do really benefit the world.”