tree flowering in rosaries

Rosary Tree

tree with flowers that look like rosaries
“True love in every moment praises God. Longing love brings a sorrow sweet to the pure. Seeking love belongs to itself alone. Understanding love gives itself equally to all. Enlightened love is mingled with the sadness of the world. But selfless love bears an effortless fruit, Working so quietly even the body cannot say how it comes and goes.”—Mechtild of Magdeburg, from “Women in Praise of the Sacred”, edited by Jane Hirshfield, p. 95

I had been suffering from dizzy spells. My doctor did not know what the cause of this was. Right after visiting my doctor, I saw a most amazing tree that looked as if it had rosary beads hanging down from the branches. The sight of this brought me a lot of peace. Its beauty helped me to drop my worries. It seemed to be a praying tree, full of devotion, blossoming in rosary beads. I discovered how nourishing it is to be outdoors, even in a parking lot. I found this tree to be a blessing growing at the edge of the parking lot next to a very busy major street. I benefited from its prayers.
a rosary tree
a blessing tree
its prayers bearing fruit
like pearls
like flower praying beads
many smiles
blessing you
blessing me
one for love
one for peace
one for healing
one for strength
one for comfort
one for courage
one for remembrance
of your Essence

reminding us
to flavor
and savor
each breath
with calm
with peace
with ease

I decided to make this into a comfort card on my Etsy shop.