Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree

A Light Collecting point…

I stood under this amazing oak tree at San Damino Retreat in Danville, California. I made this into a blank card.

These were my stream of thoughts:

I see the way the oak tree branches are reaching out.
I see its invitation to come and sit.
Someone once said something like
“when you take one step towards God,
God takes 100 steps towards you”
Many arms reaching out
trying different angles
different approaches
through all the detours of life

“do you see me? I AM here.”
most of the time I haven’t seen…

This magnificent tree stands
deeply rooted into the earth
as if rooted in love.

I see that despite the tree’s woundedness
new growth of optimism sprout
and its acorns
providing for the squirrels
giving refuge to the birds and insects
giving shade
hinting of eternal cycles

I see the way the leaves capture the light, divine rays
for the rest of the tree body
it breathes…
converting our carbon dioxide
to oxygen
asking nothing in return
being a silent witness to what is
listening to the music of the birds
to the symphony of Nature
to the music of the One.

One of the healing branches
reminds me of the
mystery of DNA
of energy spiraling
through the sacred energy centers
Holy Spirit
pointing to the One.

It breathes.