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Autumn Dance


gingko leaves and wood spirit

“all of nature says “yes””
spring-summer-early fall, the leaves open to the light
collecting light for the tree
nourishing the trunk, the branches, me
collecting light for the roots
so when autumn and winter rains and cold comes
there is stored light in the roots
for the short days and long nights

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Like the Upward Light of Love

Sun Flower Mosic

Like a burning flame,
like love which moves ever upward
sunflowers lift my spirit…

I made this sunflower mosaic in honor of one of my Flickr contacts, He Marli, who introduced me to Google’s Picassa and who has  inspired and uplifted me by her work and insights.  You can find her old Flickr site here. At the time, I did not know how to use Photoshop and had very limited photo-editing skills. He Marli is a master in blending images together.