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focus word: stop


These fluorescent-orange flower like a stop symbol for me
ability to stop what I am doing is an important practice
so when I notice I am off-target, I can stop, make adjustments
stop when the day is done, and not over-do, be in balance


“The path of loving trust means to stop doubting and being discouraged, casting all our worries and cares on the Lord, and to walk in total freedom.”

Mother Teresa


“…take the opportunity to stop and listen to the sounds of Sacred Unity all around you.  In each, there is a drop of the One, and in that drop is the ocean of all divine qualities.”

Sufi Book of Life, Neil Douglas-Klotz


Like a Stop Sign


“Stop!  The street sign reminds you.  Stop running, because life is here, in the present moment.  We have to train in that.  As you breathe out, you say, “I am home.” I am already home, I don’t have to run.  I am at home, in my true home.  The address of my true home is clear: life, here and now.  Peace is something that becomes possible the moment you stop.”

—Thich Nhat Hanh, “You are Here” p. 37


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