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Three Generations

Inspired by this family of flowers, the youthfulness, freshness of a bud behind the aging flower who is modeling “being complete”, putting everything in order, tying up loose ends, preparing to die at any moment. And then the glory of the flower at its peak, living each moment well therefore preparing for its death and future generations.


“Put everything in order
as day begins to fade.
All things are passing,
moment by moment,
breath by breath.
All things are passing,
moment by moment,
birth to death.
Take off that cloak of fear,
the divine strength you see is here,
and you know you are dying to live.
So put everything in order
as day begins to fade.”

by Sr. Macrina Wiederkehr,“sevensacredpauses, Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day”, published by Sorin Books, p. 124-125


Repetition does not have to be boring


repetition can give beautiful structure
and an orderedness
can bring comfort

the repetition of a positive phrase, mantra,
can have the effect of stilling the mind
of de-cluttering the mind
of polishing the soul
of reflecting the world the way it is
of seeing the truth
not distorted
of feeling God’s presence
of practicing concentration

repetition of a good habit or practice
can be like steady nailing of your boat,
so when the storms come,
you will have a solid boat
you won’t sink


Healing Beauty


“St. Augustine said: “The soul is weighed in the balance by what delights her. Delight or enjoyment sets the soul in her ordered place. Where the delight is, there is the treasure.” Perhaps this is why there is such delight in beauty. In the midst of fragmentation and distress beauty draws the soul into an experience where an elegant order prevails. This brings a lovely tranquility and satisfies the desire of the soul. When the Beautiful continues on its way, the soul has been strengthened by a delight that will further assist her in transfiguring struggle.”

-John O’Donohue, “Beauty, the Invisible Embrace”