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Reflect Essence of Beauty


“Let our souls turn into a mirror longing to reflect the essence of beauty”- Rumi


“Having a selfless attitude will uplift us. By helping others we are, in fact, helping ourselves. On the other hand, every time we do a selfish action, we are harming ourselves. Learn to bless everyone. Don’t ever curse anyone, because a human being is not just a bundle of flesh and blood. There is consciousness at work within everyone. That consciousness is not a separate, isolated entity; it is part of the whole, a Supreme Unity. Whatever we do is reflected in the Whole, in the one Universal Mind – and it returns to you with the same intensity. Whenever you do a good or bad action, it is reflected in the Universal Consciousness. Therefore, learn to be selfless and learn how to send blessings to everyone. Pray for everyone, because we need the support and blessings of all of Creation for our upliftment. When we pray for others the entire universe prays for us; and when we bless others the whole universe blesses us, because man is one with the cosmic energy.”—Amma, Awaken Children, Vol. VIII


Like the Upward Light of Love

Sun Flower Mosic

Like a burning flame,
like love which moves ever upward
sunflowers lift my spirit…

I made this sunflower mosaic in honor of one of my Flickr contacts, He Marli, who introduced me to Google’s Picassa and who has  inspired and uplifted me by her work and insights.  You can find her old Flickr site here. At the time, I did not know how to use Photoshop and had very limited photo-editing skills. He Marli is a master in blending images together.