dark foggy day

Trusting in God’s Hidden Presence


The title and passage below is from Joyce Rupp’s book, God’s Enduring Presence: Strength for the Spiritual Journey, Twenty Third Publications, p. 49

“Faith is about trusting without seeing the whole picture. As much as we yearn to know and understand fully we can only see a small part of who God is and why our life unfolds as it does. We comprehend just a tiny portion of the meaning of events and circumstances that affect us. No matter how much we pray and study, we cannot fully explain the divine mystery that lies within and beyond us. All that is required is that we daily place our hand in the Holy One’s with confidence and walk lovingly in life. We do not need all the answers, only to trust and believe that the Mysterious One is as near to us as the slightest breeze or the strongest wind. Let us renew our faith in this hidden presence today.”

I met someone on a retreat who was undergoing severe and rapidly declining health,  hour by hour. It was hard to know what to say or do as she was suffering immensely. The words I spoke seemed empty. There were no medical cures for this problem. At the time, just being with her through her pain, listening to her, and offering massage seemed to be the only offerings I could make.

When I was going through my photos, this image above seemed to match the mood, and Joyce Rupp’s comforting words gave light, comfort and hope to the situation. I decided to make this into a comfort card with Joyce Rupp’s permission.