Undying Optimism


I  have a photo-sharing stream on Flickr. One of my contacts there,  Terri Turner,  had posted a photo/poem/collage series on “optimism in the face of all odds.” This encouraged me to write and share a little poem of an experience I had while driving along the freeway:

In a parched field,
next to the freeway
I sped along,
but a single hollyhock ~waved~ to me,
flashing radiantly pink,
like a Message from Above.
Everything around her was like straw.

She blossomed
in the face of adversity
watered by God’s Pure Love,
God’s living water.
She sang her heart song to me,
resting in her true Self.

Still her message touches me…

Some time later, I saw the flower above which reminded me of that lone hollyhock.