Wash Away Your Worries

Wash Away Worries

I love the sound and rhythm of the ocean.

When I was at the beach one day, I wanted to make a visual and kinesthetic prayer. So I composed a prayer in my mind. Got a stick. Got my feet wet. Wrote my prayer. And smiled at the whole experience of the dissolving words. Even my footprints disappeared.

The way I got the rainbow on the photograph was to print out the photograph and give it a rainbow bath in the colorful light that  was shining on my living room wall. I did not know how to combine 2 images digitally yet.

There is a Taize chant that we sing when I have a music gathering at my home:

“Great peace they surely have,
who in our God confide,
who cast on God all care,
and in God’s love abide.”

Sometimes listening to music repetitively or chanting something many times helps to relax and lessen the problems I hold in my mind. Each repetition is like a wave dissolving the distresses of my mind.