You Are a Child of the Universe


Shortly after my husband died in 2003, I began to write for Amma’s Circle of Love Letters. I had received a few cards when my husband was ill. The writers assured me of their prayers, and shared positive quotes with me. I received much comfort. I decided to join the writing group since I benefited so much from it. At first I had a lot of reservation about writing, as I had never received good grades in English. So far, no one has complained about my sentence structures or grammar. The process of thinking of others helped pull me out of depression.

At first, I either made unique collages or bought cards to send. A few times, I gathered with  friends to do collaborative collages for use in Amma’s Circle of Love Letters. At that time, 3 of us were writers for that program. Each of us started a collage, then we passed our work around so everyone could add to it if they wanted.

I started the one above, but it was very much a group process with my friends Christine, Denise, Lorraine, Kirpal, Linda, Joya and Margaret. It was a lot of fun. We were surprised by what evolved. It seemed like we were like children again, cutting, pasting, and playing. We were unaware of time.

Here are some quotes I found to go with the collage:

“Life and God are one and the same. You are God’s child. God would never close all the doors around you. His unlimited love and compassion wouldn’t allow Him to be that cruel. God always keeps more than one door open, They may look as if they are closed, but they have, in fact, been left slightly ajar. Just a mild knock is enough and they’ll give way. But our eyes are blinded by our ignorance. We fail to see the open doors through which the light of God’s grace is pouring in.”

–Amma, “Awaken Children! Vol IX “, pg. 162,  © MA Center


“No matter what difficulties we have to face, we should always have the awareness that we are resting in God’s lap, and that we are safe in His hands. This attitude will help us to overcome any adverse situation.”

–Amma, “Matruvani”, April 2000, © MA Center


“You don’t belong to the dark. The darkness is a prison created by your own mind and ego; it is self-imposed and self created. it is not your real abode, for you belong to the light. You are the light of God.”

–Amma, “Awaken Children! Vol VIII”, pg. 83, © MA Center