Green Candle of Truth


green candle of truth

iris bud reminds me of a candle
a light
a ~truth~
that the body will perish at some point
but few like to think about this
the awareness burns more brightly as one ages
as the iris of the eye opens
birth and death come as a pair
dying to certain things means birthing something new
fully living allows one to die well
the iris has to die to the bud
in order to bloom
the bloom has to die
to create seeds
so new life is possible
so it may continue in some way again
but the iris doesn’t seem to have any worries or fears
about each stage
it just seems to live happily
in whatever stage it happens to be
letting each stage unfold naturally


“This body is not me.
I am not limited by this body.
I am life without boundaries.
I have never been born,
and I have never died.
Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars,
manifestations from my wondrous true mind.
Since before time, I have been free.
Birth and death are only doors through which we pass,
sacred thresholds on our journey.
Birth and death are a game of hide- and seek.
So laugh with me,
hold my hand,
let us say good-bye,
say good-bye, to meet again soon.
We meet today.
We will meet again tomorrow.
We will meet at the source every moment.
We meet each other in all forms of life.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh, “Chanting and Recitations from Plum Village”

“Death is like the period mark at the end of a sentence. There is small gap, and then we begin writing again.”

“Without knowing life, you cannot know death. For one who has not known life, who has not lived life in all its fullness, death is darkness; it is the end. But for one who has known life, death is the very heart of existence. Life flowers in death. That is why great masters, even though their bodies suffered, could die with big, blissful smiles on their faces. They embraced life with overflowing love. The embraced all of existence, all experiences both good and bad; therefore, they could embrace death also.”

—Amma, Awaken Children, Vol.6, p22